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Connect. Heal. Launch.

At The Urban Village we know that the road to opportunity and achievement can be difficult to travel alone. We believe it takes a village. 


To accompany continuing generations

of Karen and Karenni youth as they


Help Launch our youth


We believe connecting starts inward with self, then bravely grows outward into relationships that reach across divides. Our youth need opportunities to explore their cultural heritage, history, and homeland in order to embrace their own identity as they go out into our diverse world as peacemakers.


Given the realities of violence and displacement our community has faced, we believe creating opportunities for youth to engage with and heal from past and present traumas/hurts/injustices are absolutely necessary for a more robust and sustainable launch.


This is our calling. Our village incubates dreams and future leaders. We don't stop at a nurturing environment, we intentionally carve out and engage opportunities that tactically allow youth to grow and thrive beyond our village.












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Upcoming Events

  • Aug 23, 2024, 4:00 PM – Aug 27, 2024, 11:00 AM
    New London, 800 Sibley Park Rd, New London, MN 56273, USA
    Come ready to connect to reconnect. A gathering of K'nyaw and Karenni youth from near and far away. You do not want to miss it.

How we share our space


Community Space


Art Gallery 

We offer our culturally relevant community space to many different community led projects. We see The Urban Village as fertile soil for programs to grow. We currently provide space for multiple KOM programs, Asian Youth Outreach, SE Asian Poetry Slams, and food distributions. 

Since August 2020, The Urban Village has been using its space and platform to empower Karen and Karenni artisans and entrepreneurs to sell their work. This online and physical marketplace promotes cultural preservation all while creating opportunity and revenue for its partners. Support our artists!

Our village is the only culturally relevant space for the Karen and Karenni communities in all of the US. We have over 100 pieces of art curated by over 25 Karen and Karenni artists. We also have historical and cultural artifacts and clothing. Come to our space and see for yourself!

"If you have come here to help me then you are wasting your time. But, if you have come because you LIBERATION is bound up with mine, then let us work together."

-Lilla Watson

GIVE TODAY TO HELP kids in Kawthoolei

What we do outside of our Village.

Since the military coup in February of 2021 , our team has traveled to Kawthoolei (Eastern Myanmar) on three separate occasions to stand in solidarity with internally displaced people. Learn more about the military coup happening in Myanmar below.


Karen News

Learn more about what is happening in Karen State

Karenni News

Learn more about what is happening in Karenni state.

Myanmar News

Learn more about what is happening in Myanmar.

Village News

Learn more about what is happening in our village.


01. Bethel University

A Humanitarian Crisis That Hits Close to Home

02. Bethel University

4 Under 40 Achievement Award 

03. MPR News

Minnesotans travel to Myanmar region to support persecuted Karen

04. MPR News

MN activists return from work with Karen refugees in Myanmar region

05. Arrive Ministries

Former Arrive Volunteer on the Posture of Service

06. World

Ethnic Karen refugees watch their violence-filled homeland in Myanmar from a distance

07. Sahan Journal

Bethel University unveils new scholarship for Karen and Karenni students

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