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Urban village is proud to present.. 

The "fight for something" college Scholarship

The Urban Village is partnering with Fight for Something and Bethel University to offer partial scholarships to current Karen and Karenni Seniors to Bethel University. 

Scholarship Goals:

The "Fight For Something" scholarship exists to remove financial barriers to higher education faced by many of our Karen and Karenni youth living here in Minnesota, through 4-year scholarships to Bethel University.

The Goal: To fundraise $420k of scholarships in order to have at least 30 scholarshipped students from the Karen and Karenni community in Minnesota by 2026


Fight for Something is an organization that believes that business should never be about just profits.  Every business should fight for something, ANYTHING, that matters. We are very excited to partner with Fight for Something with the goal of providing access to an affordable college experience. 

The Reason: We know that the youth in our community are ready to connect to a higher education that supports both their academic and personal goals. Our community has named Bethel University as a place to support these aspects of the continuing generations of Karen and Karenni individuals. The goal of this scholarship is to eliminate the financial barrier to Bethel University. 

The Breakdown: The Urban Village funds an initial $3,500 that Bethel doubles + more, ultimately leading to an annual scholarship of $11,000 per student. This culminates to a 4 year, $44,000 award that makes tuition deeply affordable.

Hear from a bethel graduate and scholarship recipient

How can you get involved?

Interested in being a community partner of this community scholarship? We’re looking for 88 individuals/organizations who want to help us make a 4-year degree financially accessible to 30 Karen & Karenni youth who call Minnesota home.  If interested in joining our team as monthly contributors for a 4-year commitment or making a one-time donation, go ahead and set up your giving HERE! We’ve got the systems in place to remove economic barriers for a generation of our neighbors here in Minnesota… Now we’re just hoping for the right people to come alongside the vision to make it a reality!

*All contributions are tax-deductible.

Ku Gay Nahpay 

Bethel university Graduate
Community organizer

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