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Our work

At The Urban Village, we accompany continuing generations of Karen and Karenni youth as they


Our program offerings are divided into the above missional categories. Learn more about our specific programs by clicking 'learn more' below. 

Along with our program offerings, The Urban Village strives to stand in solidarity with the Karen and Karenni people by providing access to our cultural space that acts as a launchpad for community-led movements. We also work with and empower local Karen and Karenni youth, scholars, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, and leaders to serve their community through their unique skill sets. 

Our advocacy and commitment to our community goes far beyond our programatic offerings and space. To learn more about the work we're doing in our community, please follow our social media accounts or check out our additional tabs above. 

Eh Pah Doh!



Urban Village Programs



We believe connecting starts inward with self, then bravely grows outward into relationships that reach across divides.  Our youth need opportunities to explore their cultural heritage, history, and homeland in order to understand their identity as they go out into the world as connectors and peacemakers.


Given the realities of violence and displacement our community has faced, we believe creating opportunities for youth to engage with and heal from past and present traumas/hurts/injustices are absolutely necessary for a more robust and sustainable launch.



This is our calling. Our village incubates dreams and future leaders. We don't stop at a nurturing environment, we intentionally carve out and engage opportunities that tactically allow youth to grow and thrive beyond our village.

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