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The Community Space

 Sharing our space and resources with community led programming gives these movements fertile soil to grow, launching them beyond what they would have been able to accomplish without Village support. Here are some the programs that The Urban Village has supported with its space and resources.

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Asian Youth Outreach

AYO is an initiative that provides a safe space, opportunities, training, programming and mentorship for at risk Asian youth in St. Paul. This initiative was organized by an ex gang member in the Karen community whose first hand experience has given them a desire to show at risk youth hope through opportunities. AYO meets periodically at the Urban Village. 

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TUV 2020 REVIEW_edited.png


SOFT TV or "Sound of Thumweh TV" is a once a week live stream entertainment program produced in The Urban Village by host Ku Hser. SOFT TV aims to entertain, empower, and inform its audience by sharing community news, interviewing community leaders, and amplifying community talent. Imagine a Jimmy Fallen late night show... but for the Karen people, by the Karen people, and in the Karen language.

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Youth in Action

YIA is a collective of young Karen leaders committed to encouraging and guiding youth toward education, opportunity, and leadership. The Urban Village hosts events, fundraisers, and courses for YIA. In partnership with YIA, the Urban Village developed the "Karen Typing Class" where 15 students learned to type in their native script. This skill provides opportunities for translation jobs.

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