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Given the realities of violence and displacement our community has faced, we believe creating opportunities for youth to engage with and heal from past and present traumas/hurts/injustices are absolutely necessary for a more robust and sustainable launch.

The reality is that within the diaspora there is a wide variety of experiences relating to violence, displacement, and consequences of resettlement. Among our youth, some were born in Myanmar and have deeply traumatic memories of violence and displacement, most know the hardship of growing up in refugee camps, and all are currently navigating the nuanced difficulties of life in a 3rd country. Our heal programming works to meet our youth where they're at by engaging this diversity in experience by simply creating safe places to explore it, own it, and begin a journey of healing from it. 

Mental Health Referrals

Given the realities of resettlement and proximity to violence our community has faced, we see the value in culturally appropriate mental health services. This is why we've partnered with the Amherst Wilder Foundation  for our referrals


Art Therapy/youth art classes

Throughout the year, our resident artists host  "Community Painting Nights" where all are welcome to come learn, express, and heal through guided art projects. Please email to learn about upcoming opportunities! 

Starting in 2019, the Urban Village has hosted a summer art class for youth in our community. Stay tuned in late Spring for details about this summer program.

TUV Summer Camp

The Urban Village Summer camp is all about creating a safe and fun environment for our youth to acknowledge all that they've been through and embark on a journey of healing. 

Our first summer camp in the summer of 2022 was a HUGE success. We took 100 youth from our community up to St. Croix State Park for a 3 day camp experience. Last year, our camp centered around 4 key topics with small group breakouts: My History, My Experiences, My Identity, and My Responsibility. We played games our youth played growing up, hosted large group activities, created intimate small group experiences, cooked culturally relevant foods, and had a ton of fun in the outdoors along the way. Stay tuned to our event page for our summer 2023 camp offerings.


Check out a short video documentary about our first annual Urban Village Summer Camp below!

First annual Urban Village Summer Camp

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