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Learn about our fight for something scholarship and upcoming events! 

How do I know if this is the right fit for me?

Do you identify as K'Nyaw or Karenni? Are you a current Senior in High School in Minnesota? Are you interested in Bethel University? If you said 'YES' to all three of these questions than you qualify for the "Fight for Something" scholarship to Bethel University. The goal of this scholarship is to help eliminate a financial barrier between you and going to school at Bethel University. This scholarship is possible due to the support of "Fight For Something" and "Bethel University" We are looking forward to connecting with you to help complete both the Bethel Application and Scholarship Application. If you have questions, or would like to talk the scholarship in more detail, contact us at

Steps for applying:

Step 1: Exploration 

Step 2: Apply to Bethel University 

Step 3: Complete the "Fight for Something" Application 

Take some time to explore the Bethel website. If it seems to match your goals for college, then check out the specific details for the "Fight for Something" scholarship here.  

**The Urban Village would love to coordinate a visit to campus with you to tour and learn more about the University if you choose to pursue applying 

The best way to complete the "Fight for Something" scholarship is to first apply to Bethel University. Take some time to create an account and complete the application process.


**We understand that college applications can be complex, If you would like help with the application process, reach out to us and we can set up a time to do it together!

After you have applied to Bethel, you can immediately apply for the "Fight for Something" scholarship as well. Head to this link to download the PDF application. You can complete this step online (using notability or other online apps) or can print out the application. Once you have finished the application, you can either mail a paper copy to Bethel University or use their secure upload tool to submit a digital copy. 

**Once again, we do not want the application process to get in the way of your pursuing this opportunity. The Urban Village is available to help complete this step! 

Would you like Help with your application?

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