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About Us

This is our calling. Our village incubates dreams and future leaders. We don't stop at a nurturing environment, we intentionally carve out and engage opportunities that tactically allow our youth to grow and thrive beyond our village.


We help launch our community in three programatic offerings:

1."Fight For Something" College Scholarship

2. Urban Village KLUB

3. Fiscal sponsorship and program incubation

See more details below! 

The Village College Scholarships

We are proud to be partnering with Fight for Something and Bethel University to make one of the top choice schools for our community accessible and deeply affordable. 

Class of 2027 
Urban Village Scholars

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We are proud to offer after school homework help and mentorship on Tuesdays from 4-7PM &

Thursdays 5-7:30PM. 

Per our Village scholarship requirements, our Urban Village Scholars are required to serve as mentors and homework helpers in our bi weekly after school scholars program. This provides culturally relevant school support and mentorship to our middle school and high school students.

Registration required*

Sign up your student for After School Scholars




We cannot do this work without the support of our community and volunteers that care about our students.


If you are looking for volunteer hours or availability is not an issue for you on Tuesdays, please consider volunteering with The Village KLUB. Our program run from September-December for the Fall semester. 

              *Register below*

Sign up to volunteer with The Urban Village

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The Urban Village is proud to offer fiscal sponsorship to emerging organizations within the Karen and Karenni communities. We provide seed money, oversight, administrative support, and growth training to groups whose mission aligns with our own.

We don't just launch youth, we empower others to do the same.

Learn about the groups we're currently sponsoring...

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I AM KNYAW is more than a organization, they are a movement. 


Their Dream:
A free Kawthoolei where all can flourish.

Their Mission:
To empower the next generation of Knyaw Poe to participate in the fulfillment of our ancestors´ dream of freedom.



KayahLiLayKloe is an emerging organization serving the Karenni diaspora communities of the United States. This amazing group of young Karenni leaders is the driving force behind the organization the Karenni DeKu and Kay Toe Boe festivals as well as providing resources and social services to the Karenni community.

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