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Shop Local. Get Global.

A place for Karen and Karenni artists and entrepreneurs to share culture, generate income, and give back to our community.

Come Visit Us at the Village to Check Out Merchandise! 


What We Sell

Clothing Store







More about our Marketplace

The Urban Village Marketplace was created by Karen and Karenni artisans for Karen and Karenni artisans. Right now, most Karen music, art, weavings, and other culturally relevant items are sourced and shipped from Thailand or Burma. Our items are sourced from the talented community right here in our neighborhoods. This Marketplace isn't just about commerce, it's about cultural preservation. 


We are excited to open our physical and online marketplace with culturally relevant goods, art, and handicrafts all provided by local Karen and Karenni entrepreneurs. 


In our partnership with artists, we are excited to put money into their pockets as well as into the Urban Village Community Fund. This fund helps to support the community-led projects that we host and supports our community space full of community resources.

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