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Soccer Stars

A Knyaw led, Minnesota based soccer camp raising Support and solidarity for those affected by violence in Kawthoolei
(eastern Myanmar)


Meet Coach James

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James Soe is a local soccer legend. Once a K'Nyaw refugee in Thailand, James is now a coach for multiple teams in our local St. Paul community. James played in club soccer for 7 years before playing for and graduating from Humboldt High School. He then went on to study at University of Saint Thomas where he majored in Exercise Science. Since then James has been coaching with Blackhawks, Como High School Ast. Varsity, and

CD-Lobos soccer. He also runs his own soccer training business called "BECOME A LION". Coach James is also the founder of the SOCCER STARS camp!

About Soccer Stars

Soccer Stars was a 2022 June - July youth soccer camp with 3 goals. 

1- To teach kids to score goals!

2- To invigorate the next generation of youth soccer stars.

3- To raise money and awareness to the plight of the Karen people and their struggle for freedom and democracy. Learn more about the Knyaw people and Myanmar HERE.

A huge thank you to...

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The SOCCER STARS camp was made possible by generous funding from Dark Clouds. Formed in 2004, the Dark Clouds are Minnesota’s largest independent soccer supporters group. Wherever Minnesota United FC go, “the Dark Clouds Follow”.


During Minnesota United home games, Dark Clouds supporters can be found in the south stands of Allianz Field, standing and singing for 90 minutes while flaunting our flags and tifo displays.


Learn more about the amazing community work that Dark Clouds does HERE.


This camp was hosted and made possible by Como Senior High School in St. Paul Minnesota. Como continues to be a bedrock of inclusion and growth in our community. We are so grateful to have had their support. 

Watch the 2022 SOCCER STARS video!

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