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What is happening in Burma (myanmar)?

With 4,000 civilians know to be killed and over 24,000 arrested, the situation in Myanmar continues to remain incredibly dangerous and consequential. As an organization, we are heartbroken and seriously worried for our many friends and family in Burma. The Urban Village is committed to standing with the many ethnic peoples of Burma in their fight for freedom, justice, and democracy.

We hope you'll join us.

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Our work in Kawthoolei

Many of us are all too familiar with the situation in Myanmar and the ethnic cleansing and oppression taking place there. Many of us have immediate family who are currently hiding from the Myanmar Military.

As an organization, we have tried our best to support our community by doing fundraisers for the internal displaced people in Myanmar. In partnership with local orgs, our funds are turned into supplies and distributed to those displaced by violence.

We stand with all the communities in Myanmar seeking freedom, justice, and democracy. 

Little Snack for Kawthoolei Kids

Little Snack for Kawthoolei Kids

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